the fruit of hard labor

So where do you start with a "wreck" ?

The first thing I had to do was fix the brakes, so the old Dodge would not run into any more trouble.  My guide Book, the Bible, says several times, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."  I found holy fear is good !

New brake cylinders, shoes and wheel studs matched original parts.  "Yup", as we say in RI, the 1932 Dodge had hydraulic brakes on all four wheels.  That reminds me of what the Good Book says, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made !" Note the cobweb on the old transaxle ;-)

Just to be safe, I put in a new brake master cylinder with separate back and front lines.

I replaced all four leaf springs with custom ones made to the original specifications for a smooth highride.  Wonder of wonders, the original arm-hydraulic shocks function well !

The steering box worm gear, rod and joints were not worn thanks to a good design with heavy grease fittings.  New kingpins and wheel bearings were all the front end needed.

Jesus said, "You must be born again !"  The ravages of time and neglect led me to admit the inevitable after years of resisting... I need a new heart. Thanks Kevin O'Neil for help. It's great to have Christians help us on our way with God.

"No !  You didn't just eye-ball that drive shaft on the floor and then weld it ?"  "Yup, and never had it balanced."  "SomeOne upstairs must be watching over you !"

Body work included two chains around two oak trees and a few good wacks from that big sledge hammer.  Sometimes it hurts when the Lord straightens us out... but, it's all good !

Bent fenders came back to shape "after much tribulation" as the Good Book says.  Now I know why God said that !  Gas welding and lots of "Bondeau" made them almost new.

All the doors had to straightened, glass replaced and window tracks installed... not to mention new running boards in oak.

All the wiring had to be replaced thanks to mice !

Last, but not least, before hitting the road, all the wheels had to be sandblasted and painted.

They look great, but don't buy Firestone tires for antiques !

Brand new Firestone tires from New Zealand !

Under both rear fenders I made new ones to keep water, mud and snow from reaching the original body and frame.

Taking the original paint off was not easy, but what a beauty if I had only clear-coated my "silver shadow" !

Five coats of epoxy undercoat with an airless house painter was a challenge, but what a difference.  Oh, the scares of the old dents are still visible.  But, that reminds me that Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven.  "The Blood of Christ covers all our sins."  The little dent you see was put there when my Mother rolled the car learning to drive !

So I began my first trip "A Cross America with Christ" in the summer of 2015.  There's more to come from 2016 and 2017 trips to almost every State in America. Check back !