but, lord, that's ridiculous !

    After my wife passed away, my prayer life became a little different.  No one was at home, so I began praying out loud, throughout the day.  It's a real pleasure to talk with God as my Savior and Friend.  He had saved me from a sinful life many years before 2015, but my prayer for a new car went unanswered, until I realized Christ had a plan.  I was asking for a car, but He was reminding me, "But, you have a car."  That's when I said, right out loud, "That's ridiculous !"...

"I can't drive a 1932 Dodge across America !"

"My mother turned it over once... and then my uncle... well, let's just say it had a hard life over all those years."

"It's been in storage for years... and several years outside."

"You've got to be kidding !  Drive that across America ?  The fenders are bent and falling off !"

"The motor had a squirrel's nest on top of it."

"It had a junk yard engine from a 1971 Ford that I had installed myself in 1976."

"Besides, the inside's a wreck !"

"Who are you calling ridiculous ?"
    Christ reminded me of an old promise in the Bible that He had used in my early life with Him : "Have I not commanded you ?  Be strong and courageous !  Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1v9  My wife and I had hung this text on our wall in every home we had.  Three times in the context of this Bible promise there is the promise, "....you will have success."
As Paul Harvey always would say,